Theodora tech description

Theodora Tech is a data-specialized consultancy firm with a love of data, tech and people. Using our expertise and experience from software and AI-engineering we build robust and client-specific systems to fit every customer’s need. We want you to feel the difference when Theodora Tech is around. We build our company around highly skilled people who are dedicated, independent and friendly. Whether you need us for your core business or for an exciting new venture – we’re here for you.

Momang description

Momang is every consultancy company’s best friend. We help consultants in small and medium sized businesses keeping their consultant profiles up to date and crisp, availability visual, provide the possibility of sharing leads and keep track of sales activities and customer information.

Hejare description

We are incredible techies. People that love challenging themselves, each other and pushing clients toward state of the art digital environments. Our consultants are tech savvy, ambitious and kind. We understand that being a consultant is so much more than delivering clean code. As a context we try to help each other out in every way possible. We selfgovern, take collective desicions and are hardcore believers in transparency, fairness and trusting the individual. We are Hejare.